The benefits of swimming: an extremely complete sport

Swimming is definitely one of the sports that involves greater physical benefits to anyone who decides to practice it. First of all swimming must be practiced to keep our body under constant training. Training a few hours a week immersed in the water of a pool, in fact, helps the muscles to remain trained, without however affecting the skeletal system, as our body is lighter once it is below the water level. The muscle tone then takes vigor and, consequently, a person who practices swimming is better, thanks to a greater resistance but also thanks to a relaxation that only a sport like swimming can give.


Increasingly flexible …



 An additional benefit can be found in the fact that joints and ligaments acquire flexibility . This thanks to the muscular effort that a swim requires, an event that also facilitates the maintenance of balance even outside the water. But not only muscle tone, skeletal lightness and flexibility. One of the organs that most benefit from swimming is the heart. In fact, this sport can strengthen the pectoral muscles, as well as those of the shoulders and arms, but also the heart itself, being a muscular organ. Furthermore, it is important to reduce the risk of heart and cardio-vascular diseases, according to studies conducted by American universities in this field.

… and more fit



Swimming is also a sport that many dieticians or nutritionist biologists recommend for people who suffer from food problems, that is to say that they are in a situation of overweight or obesity. In fact this is a sport that allows you to burn a very high number of calories and that, as mentioned, does not cause complications at the skeletal level, regardless of the weight possessed by the person who practices it. But the health benefits do not end there. In fact, asthma is often subsided thanks to swimming. The exercise in the pool in this sense is more positive for children and adolescents.

Goodbye stress and high cholesterol!



Adults and the elderly, on the other hand, will find benefits for problems and diseases such as high cholesterol and even diabetes. Swimming, in fact, like any sport or exercise, helps keep cholesterol in balance. But not only. The greatest benefit occurs in the vascular, with veins and arteries that acquire flexibility, thanks to the effort and the activity carried out. As a consequence, even those suffering from diabetes, and specifically type two diabetes, are often asked by experts in this field to practice physical activity in the pool. Finally, swimming benefits in one of the problems that most people are gripping in today’s society: stress. The endorphins that this sport stimulates, in fact, give relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing really unique!

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