Sport Sponsors: this is why partnerships are born

In the commercial strategies of sports clubs an increasingly decisive role is played by marketing and sponsorship contracts. In fact, partnerships and advertising represent an important part of the turnover of teams, athletes or national and international events.


But what drives a company to become a sports sponsor?


The easiest answer is definitely the visibility .

The sport has always gathered thousands of enthusiasts around the world who invest part of their assets to support the favorite team or athlete. Being a business partner of a much-loved team thus becomes crucial for the image and success of a brand.

To get an idea we think that Juventus FC . in 2013 it counted a figure equal to 11.2mln of fans only in Italy and in Europe the number reached 38mln .

It is not just the eye that wants its part …


However, the enhancement of the image is not everything. Among the other benefits of sports sponsorships we find:

  • Increase of brand awareness (the reputation of a brand)
  • Greater recognition
  • Creation, maintenance and strengthening of relationships with the community of reference
  • Collection of new customers and / or partnerships
  • Change in the public perception of the company
  • Increase in sales .

What’s in addition to earnings?


Beyond the economic side between sport and companies there must be a philosophical and moral link . The sponsor of a swimming team, for example, must be able to recognize themselves in the athletes, in their passion and in the desire to compete and, why not, to win. The relationship must however be mutual. A swimmer who wears the colors or the logo of a brand must establish a profound relationship of trust with the company.

The FIN / Herbalife partnership


A fitting example of the dynamics just described is the consolidated partnership between the Italian Swimming Federation and Herbalife for sport . In fact, once again this year, FIN decided that all the 2018 Master events would be sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition, the well-known brand of food supplements . A significant choice that is perfectly suited to the company philosophy and that brings Herbalife even closer to the well-being of blue sportsmen.

The relationship between FIN and Herbalife is not new, in fact, the Californian company for seven years is the official supplier of the national teams of Swimming, Cross-country Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, Diving and Swimming Salvation. There’s more: the champion Rachele Bruni, silver medalist at the Rio Olympics in the 10 kilometers, is the company’s testimonial.

The renewed trust that the FIN has placed in Herbalife demonstrates once again the reliability and excellence of a company that has always been committed to combining passion for sport and well-being. In fact, the quality of nutrition, for an athlete, is an essential element for their performance, their success and, more than anything else, their health.

It is not just an economic motivation, therefore, that drives a brand to invest in sport, but also and above all, a question of compatibility between image and values. Without this compatibility the relationship would be bankrupt or, in the worst case, it would have no reason to exist.


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