Snow adventures: discovering skiing

Spending a day in the mountains, with a soft and very white snow covered mantle, is a unique experience that, at least once in life, must be done. A day of sun and snow is ideal to discover the beauty of sports or, for those who already have experience, to refine their technique. There are many different activities for each type of character, attitude or taste, just take a look around to get a complete overview of this magnificent sport.


Skis: a family passion

My parents have always been passionate about skiing and from an early age I was used to frequenting the most famous ski resorts in Italy. Now I grew up but I remember with great pleasure my first time with a pair of skis on my feet. I was five years old and even though I already knew the snow, I had never worn skis before. I had limited myself to touch the snow, play with it, taste it in the battles with friends but I had a sort of awe because I knew I would have to learn with many difficulties (and falls). My parents had decided that it was time to teach me what they had been doing for years, so I took the skis and put them on with the emotion to remember all the details of that day: the blue color of my boots, the bright profiles of the skis and the warm cabin that seemed to push me towards the unknown whiteness of the snow-capped mountains.

My first day of snow

I remember my legs were shaking with fear but it was not the only feeling I felt; I had a very strong excitement and also a desire to launch myself in that new adventure. Where was my fear? Buried somewhere in the boots. There comes a precise moment when the mountain calls you and you just have to run. In position, helmet worn, skis connected and ready sticks, as soon as my parents left me, I immediately lost my balance and I found myself sitting in the snow and I felt discouraged, my father helped me and encouraged me saying it was normal that initially I would be due fall many times before learning. After a moment of discouragement, I took courage and got up again but this time I managed to stay in balance while finding myself again with my face immersed in the snow. Understanding how to stay on your feet was a painful, entertaining and stimulating experience, but when the gears began to spin and I found myself suddenly in the track with almost no steepness, I began to feel the cold air on my face and I took a small note of freedom.

I remember this experience with pride; now I am 30 years old and I have realized my dream of becoming a ski instructor, taking my cue from my parents every time I have to teach something to newcomers to this wonderful sport.

An appealing novelty

Over time there has been a constant evolution of this sport , new techniques and disciplines have been developed that have made skiing one of the sports with the largest number of practitioners in the world. Today there are many new skiing activities that can be practiced and one of these is speedriding . A mix of skis and skydiving is a constant rush of adrenaline that makes this extreme sport an energy paradigm. Speedriding is practiced in off-piste skiing and on fresh snow, once the skis are engaged, the descent begins with the parachute open which brakes the descent and allows you to carry out evolutions in flight and glide in the snow. A few days ago I had my first speedriding experience and I have to admit that it was unique. I have had many experiences of both parachuting and kite but this new sport is completely unconventional. Once you get to the starting point you need to prepare the necessary (always in complete safety) and prepare to go down, open the sail and feel a strong push that starts to push down the mountain. The force of gravity begins to fail and it is here that the lucky sportsman feels a lightness in the movements that is probably the same as the astronauts feel. Just make a small jump to find yourself catapulted many meters forward without even realizing it, the adrenaline begins to circulate more and more copious. The descent is very steep but the sail slows down and allows you to fly over any obstacle as if nothing had happened. What does it feel like skipping whole trees and cliffs? Impossible to describe it in words, the feeling of freedom is immense. Practice makes perfect, and I myself have tried again one, two, three times but I never get enough of it; it is true that sport is addictive but never as in this case it is a healthy, positive and incredibly regenerative dependency.

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