Need urgently money without loan

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There are many people who are forced to live with little or almost no money. A costly lawsuit, a car repair or a request from the tax office can tear sensitive holes in the household budget. Often synonymous Dispo and bank loans are out of the question, which bring one anyway only from the rain in the eaves. Here you will find tips and suggestions on how to get money quickly and easily.

flea market

Almost everyone owns items that are no longer needed but are too well preserved to end up in the trash. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, old electrical appliances or jewelry, there are numerous online flea markets on the Internet where you can quickly turn the treasures into money. About flea market apps, the sale is very easy.

The platform with the largest reach makes the on-line auction house eBay available. All you have to do is upload a photo of the item of sale and add a brief description. Wekaufens buys electrical appliances such as cell phones, tablets and laptops. About flea market apps such as gadgets and Quoka classified ads , the sale works in the same way. Old gold and used jewelry can be sold through vendors like Moneygold .

You determine the price for the use yourself. Of course, the amount of the user fee depends on the vehicle class. For a luxury sedan you can ask for more money than for a small car. The user pays next to the rental price and the fuel consumption. Snappcar receives a brokerage commission from the landlord.

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Rent a free room or apartment

Through internet portals such as Wimdu and Airbnb you can make money by renting your own apartment or one of your rooms for a certain period of time. After logging in you upload photos from the living room, enter the period and set a price.

After the publication of the offer, all you have to do is wait for interested parties to get in touch. You do not have to rent out to anyone and can select who you provide your living space. Depending on the size of the area and the equipment are in this way between 15 and 100 euros per night in it.

Fotolia Instant app gives you the opportunity to upload photos and make them accessible to a wide audience. If a buyer finds himself, the cash register rings. The minimum income per photo is one euro, but can be significantly higher with really good snapshots.

pawn shop money. Gold jewelery, expensive watches, works of art and the latest generation of electronic devices can lend you credit. The valuables are safely kept in the pawn shop until they are released. There is no Schufa entry and the cash is paid out immediately. After repayment of the mortgage amount and interest, you simply take the items home with you.

Collect returnable bottles

Granted, collecting returnable bottles is a tedious task if there is no plan behind it. What is meant is not the ransacking of waste containers throughout the city, but the targeted collection of returnable bottles at major events.

For all single-use packaging subject to a deposit, such as beverage cans, PVC bottled water, ice tea, etc., the retailer pays an amount of € 0.25. The collection of returnable bottles is especially worthwhile at big events such as open-air concerts, football matches, sports events and the carnival.

subjects , medians or Nuvisan . You get money because – despite all research results – there is always a certain residual risk for the participants.

election officials

Bundestag elections, state elections, elections to the European Parliament: election aides control the election notification and the issuing of ballots and count the votes. For the use of the federal states pay a so-called refreshment fee of at least 21 euros.

here or here ), who deal extensively with the new development and discover any weak points. In practice, the testers are monitored by the developers via online connection. Earn up to 20 euros per hour.

Make blood donation money

A blood donation can save lives. Although still controversial , it can sometimes earn money (not with the German Red Cross). You can donate up to six times a year. The expense allowance per donation is between 20 and 25 euros.

The donation should be free of charge. The donating person can be granted an expense allowance, which should be based on the direct expense depending on the type of donation. (§10 allowance)

this or look for example here itself). Per day of shooting, a merit of up to 60 € is possible. There are also possible surcharges for night shots.

Help in the neighborhood

Shopping help, gardening, car washing, moving help – who wants to earn money with neighborhood help, has a variety of choices. Talk openly to acquaintances, friends, co-workers, or family members, whether you need help in everyday life, or use the whiteboard in the supermarket for a notice board.

You can also initiate contacts via social networks and look for small jobs. Depending on the work done, an hourly wage between 5 and 10 euros is possible.