From Rome to Turin to see the team of the Heart

We are Juventus fans and we live in Rome, we are subscribers in the heart of Juventus fans in the southern corner. Every Sunday we are preparing to go to see our favorite team. Every journey to get to the Allianz Stadium we travel about 1400Km round trip with 16/17 hours on the bus . We organize ourselves bringing some sandwich …


The costs of a subscription to the Allianz Stadium

To subscribe to the 19 games played at Juventus, a curve renewal costs 600 euros while a new subscription is 650 euros; instead the cost for a return bus trip with a minimum expense for eating something is around 80/100 euros per game. The subscription, however, gives you some advantages such as the pre-emption to buy tickets for the Champions Leauge matches and pre-orders for the finals and the Italian cup matches.

The organization of the trip

Usually we start with the large group of fans who start from Caianello and like us every week are ready to leave to see their favorite team. We usually rent a nice 65-seat coach with all the comforts: air conditioning, TV, Wifi and all you need to stay comfortable. If the game is played at 15 on Sunday our journey starts around 2: 30/3: 00 on Saturday night. We check the weather forecast and look for the most suitable clothing. There are things that must be taken absolutely: the subscription that is loaded on the card of the fan, a valid document, the lucky scarf, the stage clothes, shirt, or pole of the group.


As we said, we leave late at night. After a short journey we stop at the exit of the West Prenestina motorway where we will wait for the bus. We are all busy but we can rest a little. The first stop usually we do to Badia al Pino Arezzo area: you take a quick break, a breakfast, toilet facilities, two laughs and go back on the bus. We start again and still try to rest even if the head and our heart already palpita for the game, we already feel inside the stadium, ready to incite the team.

We continue the journey and now it is morning and now we have arrived on the Piacenza-Turin where we make the last stop before arriving stage.Also this time will be a quick stop with the use of toilets, something to munch and start with some predictions pregame.

We leave again and we travel: we will miss about an hour and a half on arrival at the Allianz Stadium, the tension and the emotion rises as if it were the first time when the bus goes to the Turin-Milan junction, on arrival it will be about forty minutes.

It is about 11:00 am and after about 8 hours of travel (many times even 9) we arrived under the curve.

At the Stadium before the match

Go down, get ready for the stadium and eat something. There is also time to go to the store to buy something. At about 12:30 we return to the bus where we leave all the superfluous things that are not needed in the stadium. You take the card with the subscription loaded on, the document (otherwise you do not enter) the scarf, the one that brings good luck even if there are 40 degrees, you can not not take it. At 1:00 pm they open the stadium gates and start entering. We are usually the first and we stand under a balcony with our group. We are ready to cheer and hope to rejoice. We begin to prepare banners and choreography, and obviously everyone contributes.

At the stadium during the game

Now we are shortly, we are ready to incite our team for 90 minutes more recovery, we did not do 700 km (or rather 8/9 hours of travel) to be quiet. The match begins, the bianconero anthem starts, the Stadium as every Sunday is full, the light games start. Even if it’s a non-signing match, our heart beats like a final match.

It is shouted it sings it is acclaimed and we hope also to exult. You get to the end of the tired exhausted game, but usually, in recent years, almost always happy for the result. In our thoughts we come forward on the return journey, another 8/9 hours on the bus, but do not scare us, we are proud of what we do.

At the final whistle the friends and the group greet each other, a salute to the players and we go off to the exit where the bus is waiting for us. We leave the stadium and many times we take a sandwich because the bus stops are few. You arrive under the bus, exchange two bars and then we prepare for the return journey.

The return trip

Let’s start once again. It is 17:00, the scarf is resting and we start to relax, we are happy but already tired. We stop towards Bologna, we are really exhausted you see, but proud of having seen this show. The toilets are reused and something is eaten, usually on the return journey we talk less, unless the game has been pulled and then talk is needed because we have to release the tension. Second stop towards Florence: a shorter stop and start again.

After 8.5 hours of travel leave us on the service station of East Prenestina, are 24 hours and a few minutes, we go down, we say goodbye and we go to get something to the Autogrill, even if we go to work the day, after now we are accustomed ! It is almost one o’clock and we are home, a shower and we return to normal life, tomorrow we work and we have to rest


To go to see the match of our favorite team, starting from Rome we make a round trip journey of about 16/17 hours to see 90 minutes of the game, doing about 1,400 Km. We skip meals, hours of sleep, we take all climatic conditions: if it rains we bring the umbrella, if it’s hot we bring a spare t-shirt, if it’s cold, take the hat. Without any hesitation, we start and stop, Juve plays, our favorite team, and we fans are Juventus.

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