Cycling: when sport is a concentrate of health and well-being

Cycling has fascinated millions of people, thanks to the achievements of the champions of this sport in truly excruciating and seemingly endless stages. But for those who do not want to emulate these businesses, cycling offers many benefits and advantages, both physically and mentally.


The perfect solution to regain form and health



Passion is definitely the basic element that this sport requires, but once in the saddle you can enjoy the breathtaking spectacle that certain routes offer and the carefree of a nice walk on two wheels. Cycling is tiring. This statement, however, must be considered from a positive point of view, namely: pedaling allows you to burn calories. In fact, an hour passed above a bicycle allows you to burn about five hundred calories. For this reason cycling is recommended by experts to all overweight people who intend, for personal or health reasons, to significantly reduce their weight .

The overall benefits for the body


 Cycling also offers the possibility of reducing heart problems. The reduction in the probability of finding pathologies in this sense occurs thanks to the ability to improve lung ventilation and, consequently, the flow of oxygen in the blood. All this helps to protect the heart , which after a nice ride will find itself stronger and more resistant. Cycling, as appropriate, is recommended by cardiologists even for elderly people who already suffer from heart problems, as this sport helps to make the disease pathway worse. Moreover, a direct correlation between cycling and prostate problems or problems with ligaments and joints is to be excluded. In the first case, the studies carried out by a London university have only confirmed that this sport helps to oxygenate the pelvic area, but the fact of staying for so many hours on the saddle does not involve any negative consequence on the erectile level or on the prostate. In the second case, however, it is undisputed that the joints are not under pressure during the hours spent on a bicycle.
Rather. The muscles of the legs, all and no one excluded, are reinforced and this is mainly due to the knee and ligaments present in this area. So pedaling is good also in this sense. Furthermore, pulmonary resistance obtains a unique benefit.

A benefit for health and the environment


The fatigue for those who practice cycling is reduced from time to time, until reaching excellent levels for both the heart and the lungs. But one of the greatest benefits we do to environmental wellbeing and consequently, to our being. Cycling means not using the car or any other car, and, consequently, means reducing pollution. Spending a few hours outdoors also makes you happy and for this reason cycling is a sport that thrills men and women, in addition to the fact that it is good for us and those around us.


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