All the benefits of football

Physical health, mental health, nutrition, stress and sport. Have you ever thought that everything is related? Surely. Sport is fundamental for everyone’s life, both for having a good concentration, for relieving stress and for maintaining maximum health. Very often it happens that only at the thought of tackling the sporting activity is lazy, but when the terms you feel regenerated and full of energy and even in a good mood.

Any sport is to be considered valid, but we will go today to take a look at the game of football , above all because it is the most followed and loved sport in Italy and in Europe.

Physical Benefits

The game of football certainly leads to an improvement in the resistance and increase in muscle mass , especially if the physical activity lasts one and a half hours as the games and with an important physical effort; with the passage of time, muscle mass is increased, metabolism improves and with the passing of the week, training becomes less and less tiring.

The major benefits are the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Practicing it consistently removes the decline associated with natural aging, because it increases the longevity of muscle and nerve cells. Physical activity helps our body to strengthen itself, thus preventing many diseases.

Think of the children, who just start going to kindergarten or kindergarten get sick; but have you ever noticed that children from the age of 5-6 who practice outdoor soccer under the elements (wind, rain, snow) have greater physical endurance and less chance of getting sick because they can strengthen the immune system . Partitella between bachelors and married? Answer ‘Yes’.

Emotional benefits

” Healthy mens in healthy body ” how many times have we heard this phrase? It is taken from a verse by Juvenal ” Orandum est ut sit healthy mens in healthy body” to be precise and translated from the Latin has the meaning to ask the gods that the mind is healthy in the healthy body. Because physical exercise is an indispensable condition for the efficiency of the spiritual faculty and consequently mental hygiene must be accompanied by physical exercise.

In addition to being a sport, football is therefore a team sport . Being able to be an integral part of a group and not just being “individualistic” is the fundamental element to be able to live and know how to relate with other people. You can grow with a wider vision.

Team sports

As we have just said, team sport helps to avoid being individualists, but football can also fight anxieties and anxieties, with all that follows. Many diseases, especially in recent decades, are of psychological origin and can be treated with any sport, but much better if the sport is a team: football is the team sport par excellence.

There are new incentives and new challenges with objectives to be achieved, to know how to put into play and start a new game challenge every time and in life.

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